Since 2004 Chronolux Fine Watches has been working with many of the very finest watchmakers and brands in the world. Based in Ireland, we are Authorised Dealers for a number of Independent Watchmakers and small watch companies, where a fascinating world of horologic creativity continues to keep alive centuries old traditions and skills.

We are specialists in the sale and sourcing of some of the world's most extraordinary and exquisite hand made watches from the world's foremost watchmakers. Discover our collections and learn about the personalities and companies behind them.

Our Watch Collections

Chronolux Fine Watches invite you to browse through our personally selected collections of luxury watches from the world's most exciting and innovative independent watchmakers - wherever they may be located. Of course there are dozens of small or new ateliers producing horologic works of art, so let us know if you are looking for a particular piece, or the work of a specific watchmaker and allow us to do the rest...