Chronolux Fine Watches Consultancy

Chronolux Fine Watches' consultancy service provides professional opinion, insurance and estate valuations, and purchasing guidance, ultimately connecting our clients with outstanding timepieces which we uncover by searching in the many lesser travelled nooks and crannies around the world of watches.

Chronolux Fine Watches' specialty concierge service began almost without us realising, and as a natural evolution of our business, when we first started to receive enquiries from our returning customers who wanted to locate something extra special that was either difficult to find, or maybe on the other side of the globe.

Thanks to our organically-built and extensive personal network now numbering hundreds of industry connections, sourcing has become an important element of what we do today, and in dealing directly with our trading partners and watch manufacturers in Europe and farther afield it is something we enjoy and do well.

Contact us to put us to the test and we will do the legwork, and you can be assured that when we locate that perfect piece, it will be through a tried and trusted network of our watch friends.