McGonigle Brothers - Master Watchmakers

Chronolux Fine Watches are delighted to present the astonishing timepieces from Master Watchmakers John and Stephen McGonigle. Acknowledged by connoisseur collectors around the world as being among the finest watchmakers of our time, the brothers have established a reputation as creators of exceptional contemporary watches.


Each one painstakingly crafted by hand, deploying exemplary skills across a multitude of disciplines, they are machined and formed to perfection from raw materials entirely in-house. A McGonigle timepiece is a masterclass in technical brilliance, displaying profound degrees of decoration and finishing. This is high watchmaking at its finest,

The McGonigle brother's home is in the town of Athlone on the banks of Ireland's longest waterway the River Shannon, and it is between here in their ancestral hometown and the Swiss watchmaking town of Neuchâtel, that they create their quite spectacular timepieces, personified by subtle emblematic nuancestheir Irish heritage. Two fully equipped ateliers enable them to work as one and nurture their Company; each brother complementing the other's prodigious talents, while working in environments in which each man is at most at home.

The brother's combined curriculum vitae boasts many years of frontline experience with several of the watch industry's most hallowed and celebrated brands, and demand for their supreme talents saw them working on the most elaborate horologic complications, before destiny brought them together again to join forces and launch their own eponymous brand, debuting with their spectacular Tourbillon at Baselworld 2007 alongside their contemporaries on the AHCI kiosk, showcasing the creme of independent watchmaking's elite.