Schaumburg Watch Germany

In our pursuit of the very finest watch companies in the world, we at Chronolux Fine Watches are delighted to announce the addition to our portfolio of the astonishing collections from independent German watchmaker Schaumburg Watch.

Established by it's founder Frank Dilbakowski in the Schaumburg hamlet in the town of Rinteln in the Lower Saxony region as recently as 1998, Schaumburg Watch have built a loyal and devoted following among watch lovers around the world; a following earned through the Company's dedication to produce, in-house, a spectacular collection of visually and functionally stunning hand made timepieces which are anything but ordinary.

So we invite you to please take a moment to browse through our collection of Schaumburg Watch timepieces. We think you will be simply amazed at the MooN 1 and MooN 2 with it's captivating photorealistic moon phase display, or perhaps you will smile in satisfaction as you get to terms with the single-hand GT One and Gnomonik ranges. There are also the beautiful hand-engraved Unikatorium collection, with exquisite skeletonisation and also including Flieger and Marine models.

For those with a preference for a more sporty and robust style of watch, there are the pieces from the Conceptum range, with its double-point lug design meaning that the stainless steel case is always resting comfortably on the wrist as the additional mobility creates the unusual feeling of a floating chassis.

The Schaumburg Watch collections are limited only by the imaginations of the master watch makers whose passion for their craft is reflected in the designs of the amazing creations from this small but extraordinary watch making company.

Schaumburg Watch Gnomonik

Schaumburg Watch Gnomonik