Antoine Preziuso

Master Watchmaker

Chronolux Fine Watches are very proud to present the collections of one of the most revered names in Independent Watchmaking, and one whose extraordinary timepieces defy the perceived parameters of horology, Antoine Preziuso. A full member of watchmaking's elite AHCI with over thirty years of innovation under his belt, his work could quite reasonably be described as astounding, even audacious, and very genuinely groundbreaking.

A Master of the tourbillon, Antoine Preziuso's watches combine superbly executed futuristic design with micro-engineering of bewildering complexity and meticulous finishing, each one fabricated entirely on-site in his Lake Geneva atelier, where he works alongside his son, Florian; himself an emerging prodigy, and his small équipe of watchmakers.

At the 2015 Grand Prix d'Horlogerie de Genève,  the 'Oscars' of the watch industry, the fruit of the first father-son collaboration - the conversation-stopping Tourbillon of Tourbillons - secured not one, but two of of the cherished golden Aiguille statuettes; one the massive Prix de l'Innovation for outstanding technical invention, and the second the hotly contested Prix du Public. The GPHG is the industry event and every company, from the Grandée to the 'Garagiste', lusts after the chance to deliver an acceptance speech, and it is this kind of recognition that acknowledges the importance of what they are creating.


One of a few Independent Watchmakers who have established a strong presence among the most particular of watch collectors around the world, Antoine's creations are always eagerly anticipated, and together with Florian, the Preziuso atelier continues to grow from strength to strength, as awareness of the genius and innovation which thrives in small family-run workshops spreads through the ranks of big-brand devotées, and demand increases healthily.

A vanguard of independent watchmaking; for more than thirty years Antoine Preziuso has been championing the pursuit of what would almost have been an 'underground' career at the time he went to study, considering the devastating pressure the quartz invasion was having on mechanical watchmaking, yet his creations found eager clients appreciative of the incredible beauty, both technically and aesthetically, of his often unique and always hand made pieces.

Unconfined by the restraints of 'design by committee' a Preziuso timepiece is very much an expression of his unique philosophy on watchmaking. Such is the molecular attention to detail, and the quality of workmanship, that the line which defines the worlds of haute horology and fine art becomes blurred.

Owning an Antoine Preziuso timepiece puts one in a very exclusive coterie, where timepieces are appreciated not from the benefits of a colossal global marketing spend, but rather for their connection with the very roots of haute horology and the personalities behind them.

It is no understatement to say that I am proud beyond words to represent this quite amazing world renowned, multi-award winning watchmaker, because these watches are legend in the making.

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