Frédéric Jouvenot

Frédéric Jouvenot occupies a very exclusive space in watchmaking, where experimental concepts are brought to life and uncharted horological territories explored. Established as recently as 2008 this young spirited watch company has already made a lasting impression among the haute horology community and beyond.

Frédéric Jouvenot may be a young watchmaker, but the manner in which he announced the arrival of his eponymous watch company showed no signs of being a fledgling start-up. Far from it, as following several years mastering his craft working on the beautiful calibres at Minerva, he moved on to become a managing partner in the independent complications specialist Concepto, a provider of haute horology solutions to industry-leading brands. Good work for sure, but under the logo of a famous brand, it was largely anonymous, and Jouvenot had other ideas and patents of his own anyway.

When in 2010 the Frédéric Jouvenot Helios, conceived around the great Greek god of the sun, made its world première at the Baselworld expo, it immediately became a talking point and a must-see piece, thanks to its spectacular and unique sundial depiction of the traditional time display. One by one, twelve tapering conical beams, with a light and dark side, flick in a blink through 180° at the passing of each hour, complemented by a rotating minutes disc at the centre of the display.

Helios, the first in the Solar Deity collection, and its hugely complex jumping hours sundial mechanism established Frédéric Jouvenot at the top table of independent haute horology, and at watch expos around the world, Helios' popularity continued unabated, ultimately being awarded the Superwatch Award at the Geneva Time Exhibition in 2011.

With a highly organised structure in place, new limited edition variants of the ancient sun god Solar Deity theme soon followed, as well as Surya, a stunningly beautiful ladies version with dazzling precious stones like a blaze of exotic blossom. Baselworld 2015 was once again agog when a completely new concept, the Moon Deity was unveiled with the Sîn and its beguiling sun and moon orbs signifying day and night from sunrise to sunset and back again.

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