Mind Your Head!

We have decided to go live with some parts of our brand new website, but there is an awful lot more still to come. We have brands and watchmakers to introduce, people to meet and many months of work ahead until we can finally say that we are approaching 'good to go' status - although going by past experience, the updating, mods and tweaking can never really end.

So just for now, we would politely request that whilst looking around our website, you don your yellow hard hat, a hi-vis gilet and a pair of good boots. Do watch out for low flying uploads and the occasional dropped text snippet while we link, resize, edit, nail, screw and weld everything together before polishing it all to a sparkle so that your experience will be as engaging, informative and hopefully as rewarding as we can manage to make it.

Oh yes, and do remember to come back often because we have some really amazing items lined up for inclusion. We think you might like them.