Konstantin Chaykin – Master Watchmaker and full AHCI member

Chronolux Fine Watches are delighted to represent the astonishing horological creations of Moscow based Independent Master Watchmaker and full AHCI member Konstantin Chaykin.

In today’s connected world location rarely poses a barrier to business, but for Konstantin Chaykin the route to his success and international recognition has been one where distance and bureaucracy have meant facing challenges on a regular basis which would be foreign to many of his contemporaries. Indeed it is testament to the dedication of the man himself that the timepieces which emanate from his atelier are among the finest and technically accomplished in the world.

This geographic and political isolation meant that Russian craftsmen often applied engineering solutions which were both innovative and distinct to its creator, and one look into the world of Konstantin Chaykin shows this technical and design prowess taken to unprecedented levels.

Deprived of a true watchmaking legacy or formal structure in his country, and so no college where he could study, the young St Petersburg native by necessity had to acquire his knowledge by way of hard graft, all the time honing a talent which within a decade would be recognized around the world for the beautiful and extraordinary feats of horological micro-engineering he created.

Inspired by a fervent Russian culture of science, philosophy and innovation, whilst growing up in a systematically changing country, Konstantin Chaykin’s watches – and clocks - are a celebration of these influences. Myth, mortality, mystery and history are common themes throughout, ingeniously executed in harmony with a truly inventive mind and an imagination for design which continues to step outside the boundaries and establish new parameters in high watchmaking.

No surprise then that his watches are like no other, and this is true both in their design and in their approach to the conundrum of horology. Here we see time expressed in forms not seen before. The Quartime, with its jumping hours disc and hour hand which completes four circuits every 24 hours, effectively dissecting the day into four quarters. Or perhaps the Lunokhod with its dominating spherical moon across which the earth’s shadow passes. Did you know that its name and unique design are based on the first remotely operated lunar rover as the space race raged? These are just two examples and there is so much more.

Each watch is unique. Each model is completely conceived, designed and then created in house from blocks of raw metals by hand before being minutely detailed, decorated and finished to exhaustive perfection.

What makes his achievements all the more remarkable is evident in the fact that of course the highly specialised components he needed were nowhere to be found in his homeland, and so they would have to be made; all of them, by hand, in house. Not only that, but very often even the tools which would be used to make them had to be produced the same way.

Konstantin is a full member of independent watchmaking’s elite the A.H.C.I., an honour bestowed by invitation only from a panel of the world’s most revered Independent Master Watchmakers in recognition of a prodigious horological talent.

Konstantin Chaykin is certainly that. In little more than ten years he has emerged as Russia’s leading independent horologer and his pioneering creations are inspiring new talent within his own atelier, and in years to come it will be his whose name is spoken when the question is asked “But who started the new Russian revolution of haute horology?”

Chronolux Fine Watches are excited to be appointed to offer these exceptional works of horologic art.

It's an honour to be able to work with this man. I have no doubt that he is one of a very small number of true inventors of horology still around today and his gift is extraordinary, inspiring and totally unique.