Lundis Bleus Essentielles Collection

For those who value individuality and style over mass produced trophyism, the Lundis Bleus Essentielles collection offers a stunning alternative, with cool, contemporary aesthetics and uncompromising attention to detail which sets this brand and its fabulous wristwatches apart from the norm.

Brimming with detail yet pure and minimal, Lundis Bleus have achieved design perfection with its stunning Essentielles collection, where each element of the watch; the case, crown, tall sided sapphire glass and the dial all combine in a harmonious balance to create a piece which is unique, distinctive and very beautiful.

In a market where there seems to be a new watch brand arriving on the stage almost every few days, to succeed it takes something quite special and original.

One of the most exciting and original names to emerge in recent times from a new generation of independent watch brands, Lundis Bleus is a company whose watches really do stand out from the crowd, and they have created a collection of breathtaking contemporary wristwatches, which combine this young Swiss company’s unique signature aesthetic with a spectacular range of dial options.

With a refreshing take on every aspect of its case design and dial configuration the Lundis Bleus Essentielles collection hides a truly elaborate and complex design behind almost minimalist appearances, and that is not easy to achieve. The dished profile of the 40mm stainless steel case is sleek, curvaceous and contoured, and

Lundis Bleus Contemporaines