Konstantin Chaykin Carpe Diem


The magnificent Carpe Diem from Russian Master Watchmaker and AHCI member Konstantin Chaykin is one of the most profoundly beautiful and technically unique watches of our time, brought to life through the hands of one of the world's most prodigious watchmaking innovators.

To simply refer to it as a watch would be to ignore the fact that it is every bit as much true horological art, crammed with mythical and spiritual metaphors, and it is no exaggeration to say that its like has never been seen before.

The Konstantin Chaykin Carpe Diem not only tells the time, it tells the story of time, reminding us in no uncertain terms in its name and through the dial's symbolism of the brevity of life yet the eternity of time, with the strong implication that one should always 'Seize the Day", as Carpe Diem translates from Latin.

Holding a fearsome scythe in his left hand with his right resting on his trusty hour glass, the winged ancient god Chronos, father of Time, adorns the night sky dial with tiny diamonds twinkling around him.

Beneath the solid silver figure the hours are displayed on an immaculate hand painted white enamel ring with roman numerals and a delightful oxidised blued steel hand in a rose gold setting.

Six tiny white dots on the lower 'bulb' of the hourglass denote the passing of minutes in six ten-minute increments, and the 'sand' appears to trickle through from top to bottom before 'refilling' at the passing of the hour.

As with the hourglass which is estimated to have first existed over 2,000 years ago, the days of the week are represented by the ancient planetary symbols which gave our days their names.

The detail in the patinated and hand engraved solid silver figure is remarkable; his wings minutely covered in feathers, his beard long and luxuriant. The buried skull is the strongest hint at our own mortality but one can see too how time just continues in perpetuity, regardless if we are here to see it or not.

Inside the magnificent lavishly hand engraved rose gold case beats the fully in-house conceived and created Caliber K 01-4 manual winding movement. Essentially reimagining how minutes can be interpreted and then engineering that solution, via an ingenious shutter system, it is another Konstantin Chaykin achievement.

Considering the fact that Konstantin mastered his trade amid a disjointed Russian watchmaking industry with no formal training infrastructure to nurture new generations, the invention and improvisation - not to mention the absolutely meticulous finesse which goes in to every Konstantin Chaykin piece is pretty astonishing. Here are entirely new solutions to the art of watchmaking, using in house designs and hand made calibers which continue to push the frontiers of horology and Chronolux Fine Watches are excited to be appointed to offer these exceptional works of horologic art.

It's an honour to be able to work with this man. I have no doubt that he is one of a very small number of true inventors of horology still around today and his gift is both extraordinary and totally unique.

Konstantin Chaykin Carpe Diem: Technical details

Calibre: K 01-4
Dimensions (mm): 38.6 x 7.9
Materials: gold, stainless steel
Escapement: lever (anchor)
Jewels: 33
Power Reserve: 46 hours

18K rose gold with sapphire crystal and exhibition caseback
Dimensions: diameter 45mm

- Hours
- Animated minute indication in the form of an hourglass (1 full cycle per 60 minutes) minutes
- Days of the week indication using astrological symbols

Silver, 18Kt rose gold, 11 diamonds, diameter: 38.1mm